Art Adventures for Your Classroom

Míša loves using the power of creativity as an avenue for learning and growth. All of her programs are linked to the Australian Curriculum and can be adapted to suit the needs of your classroom.

If there isn't a program below that aligns with the learning focus of your classroom then Míša can work with your specified curriculum outcomes, topic of study, time constraints and student abilities to develop an art adventure just right for you.

  • portraits.png

    Portraits with a Twist

    Duration: 1 hr

    Suitable For: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

    In Portraits with a Twist students will first discuss art portraiture in history and the evolution of style. They then learn a practical guide to drawing proportions of the facial structure and how to create a face.

    Students will think outside the box with a continuous line drawing of an object (ie. a pear) followed by another continuous line drawing of themselves focusing on the light & shadows as well as the details in the their faces. This base drawing will then turn into a masterpiece with colour, texture and collage.


    Each art session is tailored to specific age groups and is always a fun creative.

    Topics Covered:

    • History of Art

    • Defining spatial awareness

    • Exploring abstract thinking

    • Facial proportions

    • Light & Shadows


    Art for Social Change

    Duration: Flexible: 4 sessions

    Suitable For: Stage 3 & 4

    Míša has an expansive artistic background. In 2005 she worked with the United Nations to promote democratic change in Kabul, Afghanistan. Art For Social Change teaches students the effectiveness of using art to convey powerful messages and influence societal beliefs.

    Míša mentors students through the process of developing an aim, rationale and method before producing a major work of art which uses irony, juxtaposition and symbolism to promote social change.


    Students will have the chance to showcase their art at the end of the sessions and explain how their artwork is a narrative for their own perspectives.

    Topics Covered:

    • Irony, Juxtaposition, Symbolism

    • Communicating through art

    • Exploring abstract thinking

    • Aim, rationale, method

  • dynamicstilllife.png

    Dynamic Still Life

    Duration: 1 hr

    Suitable For: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

    Míša’s Dynamic Still Life Workshop explores a wide variety of artistic techniques and skills. Dynamic still life is taking one object and exploring it in several ways.


    Míša will introduce students to different techniques on how to visually interpret one object. Students will begin with continuous line drawing and move to pastel scratching, pen and watercolour painting and finally a layering approach with acrylic paints.

    Topics Covered:

    • Analyzing still life

    • Defining spatial awareness

    • Application of varying techniques

    • Communicating with colour

  • floraandfauna.png

    Australian Flora & Fauna

    Duration: 1 hr (potential to be over 2 days)

    Suitable For: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

    The Flora & Fauna Workshop explores the native plant species around your school environment. Experimenting with drawing techniques amongst Mother Nature will lead into colour play with watercolours.


    Students will then study an Australian animal, creating a unique piece of artwork which incorporates collage for texture and impact.

    Topics Covered:

    • Sketching 3D objects

    • Creating depth with layers

    • Application of varying techniques

    • Defining spatial awareness

    • Representing textures

  • BEES.png

    The Fine Line of Bees

    Duration: 1 hr

    Suitable For: Stage 1 - Stage 3

    Bees are fascinating flying creatures and an essential part of our ecosystem. Míša and her husband are avid beekeepers, producing their own honey for sale.


    Dressed in her Beekeeper suit with her bee smoker, Míša begins the session by reading the picture book, The Honey Bee by Kristen Hall. After a taste of Míša's pure honey students look into the finer details of the bee and how to draw them.

    Depending on the stage level, students will delve into the complex relationship between bees and our survival.

    Topics Covered:

    • Environmental studies

    • Drawing techniques

    • Pencil & paper

    • Step by step drawings

    • Cross-hatching

    • 3 Dimensional

  • turtle.png

    Rustle & Shelly

    Duration: 1 hr (potential to be over two sessions)

    Suitable For: Stage 1 - Stage 3

    Rustle & Shelly explores the connection between plastics and our marine environment. The session begins with an 8 minute audio story of the journey of a plastic bag and how it makes its way into a turtle's tummy.

    Students will then create a colourful underwater world using watercolours and coloured pencils. The centre piece of their artwork is Shelly the unassuming turtle, taking on Rustle the menacing plastic bag.

    Topics Covered:

    • Our environment

    • Step by Step drawings

    • Creating depth with pencil layering

    • Application of watercolours

    • Communicating a message through art